Seth Strikes Again.

In my next life, I want to be Seth Godin.

He’s creative and generous, and he is using his “marketing” superpowers to make a dramatic difference in the world.

He’s done it again with a free 82 page e-book called “What Matters Now.” It arrived in my inbox at 5:24 this morning, and now that I have gotten over (mostly) my initial wave of creative envy, I can’t stop thinking about how we can use it to make a difference in our community.

The ideas in “What Matters Now” can be used by anybody and everybody to get people excited and engaged and EMBOLDENED. You really should just stop and click here now to read it, but if you need background, simply know that it includes one page missives on the most powerful change-making concepts in the world, from people Seth calls “the smartest people I know.”

We will be using this in many ways to create conversation and empower everybody we touch to think big and ‘go long’ – but I don’t want to waste another second to pass this along to you.  Keep it moving, will you? Download it and pass it along with Seth’s blessing.

**On the last page of What Matters Now Seth invites us to add our own ideas to the book.  “What Matters Now” – to you and your organization? Leave a comment – maybe we can create a page together!

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