Making the Culture Stick

We were recently at a client dinner when our CEO Mike Whitehead shared an amazing story.  He told us how one morning one of our employees was out in our parking lot as a large company was arriving for a meeting.  She noticed a cigarette butt lying in the rocks of our parking lot.  Without hesitation, she reached down and picked it up to throw in the trash.  An executive at a large company noticed what happened and stopped her to ask why she picked it up and if someone had told her to do it.  She said no one had ever told her to pick up cigarette butts, but she knew how important it was for our property to be a great representation of us.   And a place where clients feel completely comfortable and at home.  This executive was so impressed by her action that he later told us it was a big reason he ended up sending us more business.  He wanted to do business with a company that had a culture like us.

A few weeks later, I saw a piece of trash in our parking lot as I was walking into work one morning.  If I hadn’t heard this story, I am not sure if I would have picked it up.  Instead I picked it up without hesitation as I walked into my office.  No one had ever told me to pickup trash in the parking lot either, but I knew from Mike’s story that it is important to us and someone could be watching.  It also crossed my mind that somehow keeping our property clean could even lead to more business.

So what are some of the great stories about your company culture?  We would love to hear from you, so please share them with us in the comments section.  Have a great week.

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