Intentional Leadership: Our Approach

Intentional Leadership: Our ApproachIntentional Leadership® is an approach that aligns desired outcomes, core values, and fundamental purpose for a significant increase in results. While organizations often seek skills-based training, incentives or punishments to ‘fix’ low performance, Intentional Leadership goes underneath the surface to determine what drives behavior and results.

We find that when an organization is experiencing undesirable performance, it can often stem from the behavior of its people. Often these can involve lack of engagement, misalignment, lack of accountability, conflict, and a sense that people just aren’t “seeing the big picture.”

By uncovering and changing the underlying beliefs, assumptions and practices contributing to results, positive change is dramatic and sustainable.

Our Approach

We believe that significant, sustainable positive change begins with individual leadership. Our approach develops and reengages individuals with their purpose, and reconnects them with their talent and natural influence. An organization comprised of engaged, connected and inspired leaders creates an intentional culture and extraordinary results.

Strategic Advisement and Executive Coaching
We work with senior executives to identify the gaps between what the organization says is important, and what is actually occurring. We also help to assure that the leaders of the organization are exemplifying the behaviors and communicating in a way that is consistent with desired results.

Strategic Vision
We work with senior leaders to establish a clear and compelling vision for the organization, establish a purpose and core ideology to achieve the desired outcomes, and develop a plan to instill this vision throughout the organization.

Strategic Alignment
We guide key leaders and influencers in a process of developing trust, credibility and respect. A process including healthy dialogue, information sharing and constructive conflict build a foundation for new results.

Employee Engagement
We connect employees throughout the organization using a process where they can genuinely participate in, commit to, and spread the strategic vision.

Strategic Planning
We facilitate the strategic planning process, guiding from vision to execution, and helping to operationalize the new vision, ideology and culture.

We assist in developing systems and structures to ensure accountability, sustainability and follow through.