What our clients are saying about us.

“It takes some people 3-4 years to learn a lesson that these programs can teach in 3-6 months…We have increased the proficiency of key individuals, their teams and our overall operational performance.”
~ Fred Morganthall, President, Harris Teeter, Charlotte, NC

“The Intentional Leadership program is now a foundational element and integral to how we develop our next generation of leaders at Coke Consolidated. It is not just a training, it is an amazing learning experience”
~ Marcy Doak, Director, Organizational Development, Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, Charlotte, NC

“The speaker made a real investment up front by meeting with our leadership to ensure he understood what drove our business and our culture.   When it came time to deliver his keynote message, I was impressed by how well he understood us and how effectively he crafted his message around that understanding.  It was truly one of the most impactful keynote addresses we’ve had.  We couldn’t have kicked off our annual managers meeting any more effectively.”
~John Woodcock,  President, Carolinas Division, Balfour Beatty Construction

“His exceptional use of “storytelling”, utilizing stories from great leaders coupled with his very own personal experiences  presents a compelling and entertaining testimonial on leadership.  Members of our team talked about the speaker’s impact for days following the presentation!”
~ Stan Kelly, Regional President, Carolinas Community Banking, Wells Fargo

“This course has changed and will continue to change all of our lives in profound ways, and all for the positive. I wish we could offer this to all of our managers throughout the company; I know the benefits would far exceed the cost of doing so.  Thank you again for the opportunity for such an inspiring experience.”
~ Melissa Eblen, Human Resource Director, Deep South Region, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

“Singularly the most powerful experience I have had as a professional…truly accelerated my ability to lead and communicate effectively with all levels of our organization…the return on this investment has been tenfold.
~ Steve Usina, President, Leser LLC