Organizational Culture Development

..Our final advantage is the hard-to-duplicate culture that permeates Berkshire… in businesses, culture counts. ~ Warren Buffet

Culture DevelopmentAn organization’s culture has a substantial impact on its ability to execute its strategy and achieve business goals and objectives. The culture, or work environment, if cultivated intentionally, will dramatically improve an organization’s ability to execute.

Often organizations are challenged to keep up with rapid changes in the economic environment, demographics, and technological advances. Cultures evolve whether businesses are aware of it or not, and in some instances an unhealthy culture can create serious consequences such as

  • Inability to attract and retain quality people
  • People not working together
  • Apathy and lack of enthusiasm for the business
  • Quality and service challenges
  • Lack of initiative and responsibility

Intentional culture development is transformative. It engages the hearts and minds of your people so that they are committed to the new vision, direction and values and inspired to do their best work. Through interviews, assessment tools, various engagement activities and seminars, we partner with our clients to develop highly effective growth strategies and self-sustaining, intentional cultures.

When an organization’s culture is not aligned with the desired results and core ideology, culture change may be necessary to influence employee behavior, make improvements to the company, refocus the company objectives, rescale the organization and achieve other specific company goals and results. To begin a culture change initiative, a needs assessment will identify and understand the current organizational culture. This can be done through surveys, interviews, focus groups, observation, and other internal research, to identify areas that require change. The company must then assess and clearly identify the new, desired culture, to design a comprehensive change process.

The way employees view a merger and its accompanying uncertainty quite often determines the financial success of bringing two companies together. Beginning with an assessment of the legacy cultures, we can help you to define desired culture attributes needed to drive the new business model and create a platform for change. By creating a unified movement with a compelling vision, shared values, strong internal partnerships and early wins, we can help you develop an action plan that will reconstitute cultures to achieve performance objectives.

Many organizations find that the competence and skills of risk, compliance & internal audit advisers need to be substantially upgraded and professionalized. But outside of policies, forms, process, technical knowledge and regulation, is also the critical capability of leadership to encourage truth-telling and empower values-based decision making. Programs that develop commitment-based over compliance-based behaviors create cultures with lasting integrity and lasting performance.