Individual Leadership Development

To become a leader is to become oneself. It is precisely that simple – and also that difficult. Warren Bennis

Individual Leadership Development

Intentional Leadership® programs for individuals are designed for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs looking to dramatically increase leadership capacity and the ability to produce results. These self-awareness based programs rigorously examine existing leadership paradigms, uncover blind spots, and challenge individuals to create new potential and effectiveness. Individual programs  are custom designed and can include various assessment tools, strategic advisement, executive coaching, group experiences, and wellness initiatives.

Outcomes include:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase versatility and effectiveness
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Increase the ability to communicate effectively
  • Eliminate self-limiting behaviors

  • Develop the ability to coach, mentor and lead teams
  • Develop the ability to have effective relationships
  • Create optimal performance and balance
  • Increase impact at home, work and community

Leadership Development

We partner and advise senior leaders to devise strategic growth initiatives. Any performance improvement initiative or change process will be exponentially more effective when it starts at the top of the organization. Our executive-level leadership programs develop the leader’s ability to manage and lead others through change, and dramatically improve performance within their organization.

  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Implementing ‘No-Excuses’ Execution
  • Creating Commitment and Accountability
  • Facilitating Collaborative Communication
  • Creating Sustainable Next-Level Performance
  • Energy Management
  • Legacy Building

Our mid-tier leadership programs is designed for director-level and middle managers to develop the ability to lead teams, collaborate organization-wide, and increase capacity to take on greater responsibility.

  • Leading and aligning a high performance team
  • Good-to-great execution
  • Leadership communication
  • Creating commitment and accountability
  • Increasing personal influence
  • Energy management
  • Balance

Emerging leaders are exposed to fundamental leadership principles to accelerate growth and ability to handle increased responsibility.

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication
  • Personal effectiveness and execution
  • Accountability
  • Energy Management
  • Personal growth and leadership vision