Our Organization

The Center for Intentional Leadership® develops individuals, teams and organizations to envision bold futures and achieve breakthrough results. Originally designed as a training and development center for the consulting practice of Whitehead Associates Inc., the Center for Intentional Leadership has now grown into the overriding symbol of a new era of growth and service for the consultancy.

Whitehead Associates Inc. was founded in 1999 by Mike Whitehead. His vision was based upon the simple idea that if an organization’s people were developed and aligned, that improved business results would follow naturally. In the past 12 years, the firm has dramatically improved results for many of Charlotte’s economic and civic and community organizations. In the past several years, the organization has grown to include a team of talented consultants and partners committed to creating positive change in business and the community.

The Center is located at Whitehead Manor Conference Center, a meeting and event space located on three acres of land in south Charlotte. The land and Victorian Manor house were purchased by Beth and Mike Whitehead in 2003, and the conference center was completed in 2008. The property has been intentionally designed to help clients slow down, relax, and focus on what is important to them.