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Slowing Down

As I approach 50 years of age, I find myself reflecting back over the years and deeply appreciating the journey thus far. I am indeed a lucky and fulfilled man. I have unconditional love and a deep connection with Leah, my 18-year-old daughter, and with Austin, my 20-year-old-son, and Beth, my (ageless) partner and wife of […]

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Occupy the Present Moment

Below is an extraordinary article written by our own Susanne Deitzel that was featured by the National League of Cities.  Enjoy! In the two minutes that it will take you to read this article, emails are filling your inbox, your cell phone is likely buzzing with texts and you are quite likely biding time in-between […]

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Launch! Leading from the Center.

Starting with a blank page can be intimidating. Or exhilarating. How we choose to view it can give us a lot of clues as to how we lead our lives in business, at home, and in the community. That said, we are diving right in. This page is where we at The Center for Intentional […]

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A World Full of Merritts: Leadership in the Classroom

Our educators are some of the most influential and powerful change agents in our community. Their impact will be felt far into the future by the choices of the children they teach. Jeremiah Merritt created a culture where the kids became leaders. Principal Tracey Pickard went out on a limb to inspire leadership from her […]

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