Executive Coaching

Executive coaching sessions provide a clear understanding of your team & client challenges and a framework to fortify solutions with effective action steps .

Intensive and rewarding, executive coaching is a profound exploration of a leader’s potential, and the barriers that can limit it. The coaching journey deepens and accelerates impact organization-wide, and improves the leader’s well-being, satisfaction and effectiveness.

We have found that when the leadership of an organization shifts, the behavior of its people change, and improved business results follow naturally. One of the most effective and efficient methods to develop leadership capacity is through executive coaching. Developing capacity requires change and a focus on key areas of behavior, values, and beliefs.Our holistic approach includes a comprehensive view of the leader’s work and life. The impact of this enhanced leadership simultaneously increases personal performance, team performance and creates a strong corporate culture.

Key Focus Areas for Executives and Mid Level Leaders Include:
  • Leader Development
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Succession Planning and Transition
  • Effective Communication and Partnerships
  • Work-Life Balance & Integration
  • Executive Presence
  • Time Management and Strategic Prioritization

Executive coaching services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and organization. Typical engagements range from 3-12 months. The coaching process, scope, and frequency is contingent upon our client’s specific objectives, developmental areas and organizational goals. Coaching services can be tailored for individuals or for groups and include custom design, a thorough assessment process and deep and sustainable performance improvement through one-on-one sessions as well as 24/7 advisement.Intentional Leadership Coaching can occur in sequence with Intentional Leadership Courses or as a standalone engagement.

The executive coach will meet to align with all stakeholders on the current situation, desired outcomes, course of action, and roles/responsibilities of both the client and the coach.

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