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Intentional leaders guide teams to results, develop their teams, and set a positive example for the culture.
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A key area for development with leaders is focused on HOW they work with people versus training them on WHAT they are leading. Skills around leading teams, building relationships, establishing trust, demonstrating empathy within the organization and with interactions, all while driving performance are critical skills for the leadership to continue to evolve and demonstrate in role.

Intentional Leadership expands leadership effectiveness by focusing on the Emotional Intelligence of key leaders. By locating a leader’s natural capabilities and genuine style, individuals are able to communicate more effectively, expand their capacity, leverage their time, manage their energy, and develop key partnerships that operate in alignment with the organizational vision.

Leadership development experiences are offered in open enrollment programs twice per year at varying leadership levels, and also as custom-designed in house engagements. Depending on your needs, individual and group coaching can provide acceleration and clarity towards outcomes for each individual leader.

Focus Areas

Key themes for leadership development experiences include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Leading change in our uncertain context
  • Building trust with teams and individuals
  • Relationship building and alignment
  • Adapting leadership styles, and influencing across the organization
  • Intentional communication
  • Intact team and cross functional collaboration
  • Next level execution
  • Effectiveness across differing backgrounds and perspectives
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Wellness and energy management
  • Situational versatility


Preparation, Advisement and Design

  • Development/coordination of customized communications/messaging
  • Preparation Assignments and Pre-readings
  • Virtual Group kickoff session
  • Assessments
  • Event coordination and logistics


  • Consultative support for candidate selection process
  • Consultative communications to finalized participants

Delivery Leadership Experience

  • Access to Thinking Differently
  • Distinguishing Intentional/Default Belief, Behavior and Results
  • Identifying Blind Spots and Bias
  • Cultivating Authentic Operating and Communication Style
  • Building Effective Relationships

Keys to Effective Execution

  • Leading change
  • Intentional Communication
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Establishing Ownership and Accountability
  • Coaching as a leader

Individual Coaching & Assessment

  • TBD Facilitated Intentional Leadership Completion Celebration

Follow Up

  • Accountability to commitments
  • Self-management and support for behavior change

The coaching scope is contingent upon our client’s specific objectives, developmental areas and organizational goals. Coaching services can be tailored for individuals or for groups which can include custom design. Intentional Leadership Coaching can be accelerated with Intentional Leadership Courses or as a standalone engagement.


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