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The Center for Intentional Leadership has over 25 years of experience developing people to lead remarkable organizations and meaningful lives.

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Our Offerings

Intentional leadership is a self-awareness-based approach that pairs emotional intelligence with enhanced leadership aptitude for individuals, teams, and cultures.

We support executives and their teams to lead positive and sustainable change efforts and develop healthy, high-performance cultures. Our customized, experiential approach is the product of over twenty years of intensive study and application in executive development, team building, and organizational culture.

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Executive Coaching

Intentional leadership examines mindsets and behaviors that can limit potential and reorient the leader in a more purposeful, rewarding, and effective style of leading


High Performing Teams

Intentional Leadership for Executive Teams involves the identification and removal of performance barriers that reside in the leaders themselves and how they relate to the objectives of the organization


Leadership and Culture

Our team advises, guides and supports leaders and executive teams with creating the cultural infrastructure to support business concerns.



Our group experiences are grounded in the core principles of Intentional Leadership and provide content emphasis.



My coach guided me to shift my mindset, adapt my leadership style, and become much more conscious in empowering and building my team.

Executive Director

Atrium Healthcare

There is no way we could have made the pivots that we did during Covid without the investment we made in our leadership prior to the crisis.


B2B Global Consulting Organization

CFIL equipped our executive team with the tools and the awareness to build trust and communication – it made a profound impact on the future of our company.


National Recruiting and HR Consultancy

As far as teams go, Milo has to be in the top managed teams in the tech industry. The poise and control our project was managed with was second to none.

Christoph Kobucci

Regal fin
Assistant director

We help you lead a more intentional organization

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